Top 10 Quick Fixes for Big Return

Top 10 Quick Fixes for Big Return

When it comes to selling your home don’t waste money on renovations and repairs that aren’t going to benefit you in the long run. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to invest in your home in order to sell it. What it does mean is that you need to invest wisely.

Simple changes to your home, which are generally some of the cheapest changes, can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary when it comes to selling your home. So where do you begin. Well first you have to stop looking at your home through the eyes of a seller and look at your home through the eyes of the buyer. Visually do a walk through of your home both on the inside and the outside. What do you see? If you were interested in buying this home what things do you see that you like and dislike? By doing this, you’ll get a feel for what people will see when they step onto your property.

The goal is to view your home from all angles so that you can determine the repairs or renovations that will increase the chance of a sale. Here are 10 quick tips to consider:

The Outside of Your Home

• Begin by looking from the street or the side walk. A first impression is priceless. Take a look around. Are there any overgrown bushes or shrubs? Is the grass growing over onto the sidewalk? These are simple fixes that can make a difference in the appearance of a home. A well-manicured lawn can turn a so-so home into something spectacular. Trim and shape the bushes. It can make a huge difference and mainly costs you time instead of money.
• Review the trim work on the exterior of the home. Things like the trim around the doors and windows. Do they need to be painted? A simple coat of paint can change the entire look of the home. Fix and replace any screens that are damaged or torn. Pressure washing the house can also give it a cleaner appearance.
• Is there anything piled up in the yard that is obstructing the views? If s, remove them. You want to free the outside of any clutter that diminishes the appearance of the home.
• Be sure all doors and windows are clean. You want to have as much light coming through your doors and windows. So make sure they are clean.

The Inside of Your Home

The inside of your home is just as important as the outside. Some of the first things that people notice are the walls and floors. The main rooms they notice are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Improve the look of your home on the inside by:

• Deep clean your home. You’d be amazed at where dirt and grime builds up in your home. This can be easily notice by someone from the outside.
• Make sure your home “smells” clean. Any foul odor, whether it was from dinner the night before or some smelly garbage, can turn off prospective buyers.
• Once again be sure the inside of your home is free from clutter just like the outside.
• Be sure your floors are clean and repaired if they are damaged.
• Paint any walls that need painting
• Be sure the home is organized and tidy.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money remodeling your home. You’re trying to sell your home to make a profit spending a lot of money on remodeling is not what you want to do. You want to make changes that will have an impact while going easy on your finances..